If you want your kids to floss – make it fun!

Kids love the characters, game app, cool designs and shooting the tips. Parents love the ease of use, innovative design and effectiveness.  GumChucks make flossing fun, fast and easy.  Flossing children become flossing adults.

What People Are Saying

“Our whole office loves these – can’t wait to start showing our patients. My kids love ’em and they hate everything to do with teeth, because Mom is always after them about oral care!”
De Ann, LA
“My daughter, Katy, just met Keith Allen (of OralWise) at Wenatchee Pediatric Dentistry and received a GumChuck starter kit.. She has been singing and “rapping” about it ever since!! It is hilarious and awesome to see her actually flossing for fun! Just to humor you more… Katy took it to school today for “show and share”.. Her class now all wants one!”
Kelli, WA
“Best invention EVER!! My 4 year old was gifted a pair of these about a year ago by a friend and client who is a dentist and has been happily flossing himself ever sense…AND…flossing for mommy and daddy has never been so easy either! We were sharing handles but now we are each getting our own set! AWESOME!!”
Jason, CA
“GumChucks are the BEST, new at home dental product since the electric toothbrush! “
Dr. Mike Tornow, NM
“Never thought I’d see it – but my kids are excited to floss! They even ask to floss more! I have had to regulate tip use – they get a little crazy flossing and shooting. Please design something that gets them as excited about cleaning their rooms! “
Maria, CA
“I got a Kit and an extra set of handles at a GNY show… Never thought I’d see the day my boys would fight over who got to floss first and who got the cool camo handles! As long as they’re flossing!!!!! “
Joyce, CA