GumChucks are the first and only flossing system of their kind. Resembling miniature nunchucks, they feature disposable tips that are equipped with a 3/4 inch piece of dental floss. The unique two-handle system increases dexterity and control allowing even the youngest children to easily make the recommended “C” shape with the floss. GumChucks make flossing fast, easy and fun!

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Gumchucks charactors

The GumChucks Story

In May of 2010, by luck of a random encounter, Keith Allen and Jeromi Stewart were introduced at a business convention in Las Vegas. During a lunch meeting, Keith was somewhat surprised, but mostly intrigued when Jeromi then proceeded to reach in his bag and pull out his hand-made personal flossing device; two plastic handles connected by a single piece of dental floss. Although they were a crude, stripped down version of what GumChucks are today, they still looked like little miniature nun chucks. It was a moment that would be the ignition point for what we now know of as GumChucks today.

With a background in Marketing and specifically Youth Brand Marketing in the entertainment industry, Keith Allen, a father of two young daughters was quick to see that the initial user should be those with little hands who also happen to have limited mobile dexterity. Kids!!

Flash forward three years, and OralWise now offers an entire line-up of oral heath products, serving the needs of every user; kids, adults, orthodontic patients, seniors and those with limited dexterity.

What they have developed has never been done before in the history of dentistry. It took two guys just separated enough from the industry, and just close enough to the market to realize that something different was in fact possible, and more importantly needed. After decades of a smiling tooth holding a toothbrush, we now have a better tool for dentistry, and one for communicating the importance of why we should floss.

Easier Kids FlossingMission

To help children develop the life-long healthy habit of flossing their teeth in a fun, fast and effective way. Oral health is directly connected to overall health. Our long-term objective is to create innovative oral health solutions that consumers identify with as offering improved convenience, reduced time-commitments, increased effectiveness, and overall ease of use.

Faster Kids Flossing toolVision

To change how people feel about oral health; to help them appreciate that what was once thought of as a chore, can now be fun, fast, and more effective than ever before.

Flossing nunchucksGoal

To provide consumers with an innovative, game-changing solution to their oral health needs. GumChucks are designed to meet an emerging medical and consumer shift in oral health awareness – one that recognizes that oral health is directly connected to overall health. GumChucks help teach children good habits at an early age, greatly increasing the likelihood that they will take them into adulthood.

All donations to Smiles for Life are given to Children’s Charities throughout the world.

Smiles for Life is an organization set up through members of the Crown Council, a prestigious alliance of leading-edge dentists around the world who are strongly committed to excellence in their fields, continuing education, serving their communities through charitable work, and to focusing on treating patients, not teeth. Since 1998, they’ve raised over $30 million, benefiting hundreds of Children’s Charities, including the Kids Cancer Care Foundation.

GumChucks is proud to be a part of the Smiles for Life movement. One that is designed to help ill and disabled children both locally and throughout the world. This type of focus helps to distribute contributions in a more strategic and useful way, and that is something to smile about!