For you, the Dental Professional, GumChucks is a really great tool to start a conversation with your patients about the importance of oral health. Moreover, it gives them something to use that is truly fun, fast, and highly effective.

Recently, we had the opportunity to hear feedback from the dental community, and we are proud to share some excerpts from this experience in this 2-minute video clip.

GumChucks is the first and only flossing system of its kind. Resembling miniature nunchucks, they feature disposable tips that are equipped with a 3/4 inch piece of dental floss. Perceived as both a toy and as a tool, they speak to both buyers; parent and child.

Aside from all the fun marketing, the utility of GumChucks is like no other. Proper flossing requires making a “C” shape, wrapping the floss around the tooth to get beneath the gum line. GumChucks is one of the only tools, besides your fingers, that can do this. For example, flossers are straight, and simply can’t wrap around the tooth.

GumChucks gives individuals with limited dexterity, especially children, handles that provide for better leverage, keep the floss taut for smooth & painless entry, and avoid cut off blood circulation from floss-wrapped finger tips.

Periodontal diseases are not “adult” diseases. They are infections that can be significant at any age. To bring awareness to parents regarding their children’s oral health, as well as their own is a core belief of GumChucks. The ability to give kids a device that allows them to floss and make it something they desire to do, as opposed to have to do, is a remarkable opportunity. One that can change habits and helps to promote a generation of adults that not only have healthier mouths, but healthier lives.

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