Where can I buy GumChucks?

GumChucks are sold through Dentist Offices and Online at GumChucks.com. You can find a GumChucks Dentist by clicking Find A Dentist. If you love GumChucks and your dentist hasn’t heard about us yet…please fill out the form below.

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How do I use the handles?
    1. Attach a pair of floss connected tips to each handle.
    2. Floss! Move the handles back and forth in opposite directions, making sure to wrap the floss around the tooth and getting way down into the gum line.
    3. Move on to the next pair of teeth! Now you’re flossing in record time.
    4. When done simply press the buttons on the bottom of each handle to eject the tips!

Its as simple as Click, Floss and Toss!


Can the flossing tips be re-used?

The tips are designed for one-time use. However, in a pinch they can be used twice.

How do I remove the tips?

At the end of each handle is a push button. Pushing these buttons will release the tips!

Is the plastic used in GumChucks products recycled or recyclable?

Yes, all GumChucks products are made from recycled plastic and are BPA Free. The plastic bags, tips and cartridges are all recyclable.

Why are GumChucks better than flossing picks or flossers?

Proper flossing requires making “C” shape, wrapping the floss around the tooth to get beneath the gum line. GumChucks is one of the only tools beside your fingers that can do this. Flossers hold the floss in a straight position, you simply can’t wrap the floss around the tooth.

GumChucks are also easier to use, and allow you to control the tension of the floss. By controlling and adjusting the tension of the floss you can easily get between tight teeth and, reduce the incidence of gum cutting with the floss.

Why are GumChucks better than regular floss?

The two-handles provide for better leverage, keep the floss taut for smooth & painless entry, and avoid cut off blood circulation from floss-wrapped fingertips. They are easier to use for everyone, but especially helpful for those with limited dexterity, such as seniors or children.  Another major plus is that the user’s fingers never enter the mouth, so GumChucks are much more sanitary.

Are GumChucks just for kids?

No, they are perfect for everyone. Now we have Adult PRO FLOSS – GumChucks for adults and a version for use with braces called ORTHOgami!  Seniors and others with limited dexterity love the two-handled system for its increased control and ease of use. Men with large fingers like that GumChucks allow them to reach the back teeth without ever placing their fingers in the mouth. Dentists love that they simply work better.

Can I use GumChucks with braces?

ORTHOgami is the GumChucks version specially designed for use with braces. The revolutionary flossing tip makes flossing braces fast, easy and fun.

I am recovering from the flu, do I need to throw out my GumChucks handles, like I would with a tooth brush?

No, you don’t! GumChucks can be cleaned and sterilized in your dishwasher. Because of their small size – we would recommend placing them in a small utensil basket and securing them so they don’t fall through the basket holes.

What is Adult PRO FLOSS?

Adult PRO FLOSS is our new GumChucks product for Adults! All the same great features and benefits of GumChucks but stripped of the youthful packaging. Adults really appreciate the ease of use, and the fun of GumChucks too!

What is ORTHOgami?

ORTHOgami is a revolutionary flossing device for ortho patients. The patented flossing tips allow the user to safely and quickly floss and entire set of brackets in under two minutes!

I love my travel case, I have one in my purse and in my travel bag, but I just bought the loose tips. How do I get the loose tips to fit into my travel case tray?

Simply lay a set of connected tips over the first slot in the blue tray, then using an empty handle push down on each white plastic flossing head. They will pop into the tray with just a little pressure!

Is it expensive?

It is slightly more expensive than just using floss or the flossers. But if the floss and the flossers sit in your bathroom unused – then they are way too expensive.

GumChucks make flossing fast, easy and fun, so they are more likely to get used! So what’s a couple additional pennies a day, when you get life long health benefits.

Floss tips are approximately $0.20 per day.

Handles are a onetime purchase, and they should last for years and years.

What’s the difference between the Loose Tips and the Refills Cartridges?

Both packages contain 60 tips – a two month supply if you are flossing once a day. The 6 Pack Refill Cartridges contain 6 of the cartridge trays pre-loaded with 10 tips each. These trays are designed to slide into your travel case and are a great way to store and transport your GumChucks. The Loose Tip 60 pack bags are just that, a bag loaded with 60 loose tips. Less packaging so better for the environment.

Are GumChucks easier for kids to use than regular floss or flossers?

Absolutely, GumChucks improve your dexterity, extend your reach and make creating the “C”shape with the floss very easy. Even very young children can use GumChucks – although children under 3 should always be supervised by an adult. And most importantly they are fun to use – which helps them establish a life long healthy habit of flossing!


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