As a brand, we realized that to truly achieve our goals, we had to speak to both buyers, the parent and the child. It had to be perceived as one part tool, and two parts toy. Since most kids dental products are simply repackaged adult products, we felt compelled to develop something much bigger, something that built real trust with kids through their native interests, and here’s how we’re doing just that.

Trading Cards

We are developing a Hollywood inspired cartoon series called Tonsil Town™ with characters such as Plaque Man, Ninja Vitis, Molar Bear and the Hygenie, The Flossopher, Slime Shady, and Count Plaqula. Tonsil Town™ takes place in the mouth of an international super spy, who travels around the world on various missions.

Incorporating them into this unique brand of entertainment, every GumChucks Kids Starter Pack comes with a collectable character trading card.

Game App

In addition, we also developed a video game app, GumChucks, Weapons of Plaque Destruction – available in the iTunes store for iPads.

Designed to deliver the message of oral health in a truly unique and fun way. Not just a little marketing app, Weapons of Plaque Destruction was developed with multiple levels and various atmospheres; it is very real game play with strong positive message of Oral Health.

Using GumChucks, The Ultimate Attack on Plaque® The objective is for the player to enter a cavity atmosphere and wipe out members of the loitering Mouth Mob. Sound easy? Do this all while being timed, collecting points, dodging loogies, smashing lollipops leaping over death-defying trenches, and trying to make it to the end of each mission… ALL 30 OF THEM!

Learn more about about our game.

Coloring Pages & More

Downloadable coloring pages of your favorite GumChucks heroes and Mouth Mob villains.

GumChucks Coloring Book

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